We do offer stem mastering to clients who prefer to give the audio mastering engineer total control of the overall mix during the mastering stage in order to achieve the best quality audio mastering results. Stem mastering can also help improve songs mixed by home recording producers who are working in non-acoustically treated rooms, don’t have accurate studio monitors and can’t afford the professional mixing and mastering studios rates.


The Process of Stem Mastering

We do transform home music productions to a true professionally balanced sounding music by treating each stem with specific equipment and fixing any problems “surgically” within the mix. We do enhance the overall mix while preserving quality and dynamic. We do not add any reverb, delays or any other sound effects. Please note that stem mastering is not mixing, all stems must be ready for mastering.

Do I need Stem Mastering?

Once you are done mixing your song, if you do hear all the instruments and you are happy with your overall mix, you can send us just one stereo track for standard mastering. However, if you do think that your mix needs some improvement, then you can prepare and send us the stems.


How to Prepare You Song for Stem Mastering

You can arrange the tracks in your session by mixing in groups, then you can send these group of tracks into buses and print the buses into audio tracks (see the photo below for an example session). For instance, you can group all the vocal tracks in one stereo stem, all the synth tracks in one stereo stem, all the guitar tracks in one stereo stem, all the bass in one stereo stem, the drums in stereo stem, the drum kick in one stereo stem etc.….

We do accept up to eight (8) stems:

  • One Stereo Vocals Stem Track
  • One Stereo Synth Stem Track
  • One Stereo Drums Stem Track
  • One Stereo Kicks Stem Track
  • One Stereo Bass Stem Track

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Stem Mastering