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Traditionally and for many years analog mastering equipment were the sole tools used by many studios to bring music to its optimum level and to produce songs ready for radios and vinyl printing. Nowadays the digital revolution has simplified the process of music-making. Recording studios and music producers have a wealth of resources available at their fingertips. Nevertheless, the results always seem to lack that professional mastering engineer’s touch.

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Analog Mastering Studios

Studio software recording programs (DAW) like Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic X, Steinberg Cubase, and other audio mastering software comes with so many built-in audio mastering plugins allowing music producers to compose, record, mix, and print music seamlessly. However, artists will continue to seek the type of quality mastering offered by high-end analog mastering studios for additional processing, polishing, editing, balancing, and other professional touches. If applied properly, these enhancements make a dramatic difference in the quality, impact, image, and competitiveness of the final release.
Acoustic treatment is the most crucial parts of mastering studios. Full range studio monitors in an accurate environment and the best analog mastering equipment operated by mastering engineer with significant experience and the “right set of ears,” is required to bring music to its optimum level.


Analog Mastering VS Digital

Not that every song has to be mastered with analogue equipment. We have digitally mastered so many songs that did not need the coloring and warmth that analog equalizers and compressors add to the signal passing through. On the other hand, many songs were enhanced by the sonic characteristics and sweetness that analog gear added to the track. Therefore, when you send us your song we will master it using all the tools available at our disposal, then if requested we can send you two versions to choose from. This way you will have the option to choose the version that you prefer the best.


Pro Mastering Service

We work with artists from around the world who are submitting their music to record labels, online distribution or for their YouTube music channel. Without a doubt we can help music producers achieve their goals. Moreover, musicians choose us when they want experienced human mastering engineers, who respect their artistic vision to optimize their work. Nevertheless, mastering means getting the absolute best out of your music before releasing it and compromise is not an option.


• Lynx Hilo AD/DA Mastering Converter
• Millennia NSEQ-4 Solid State Parametric Equalizer
• Manley Langevin Mini Massive Stereo EQ
• API 5500 Stereo/Dual Mono Equalizer
• Hendyamps Michael Angelo Class A, all tube, full Stereo Equalizer
• Custom Audio Germany – HDE-250A Mastering Equalizer
• Neve 883 Dual Equalizer
• TK Audio TK-Lizer Mastering Equalizer
• API 2500 Stereo Compressor


• Wavelab Pro 11
• Avid Pro Tools 2024
• TBProAudio
• DMG Audio
• iZotope


Online Music Mastering


Upload 24 bit Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aif) files.

• Full range Tyler Acoustics Decade MM5X Mastering Speakers
• Bowers & Wilkins Matrix 802 Series 3 Full Range Loudspeakers
• Avantone Pro CLA-10 Monitors
• Parasound A21+ Class A Amplifier
• Audeze – LCD-X Headphones

Online Analog Mastering


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