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• Submit stereo tracks 24 bit Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aif) files.
• 44.1 kHz , 48.0 kHz or 96 kHz sample rate
• Please enter a valid return email address.
• Include the following information with your submission:
• Artist Name
• Track title


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Online Mastering Free Trial

All of our mastering services are performed by dedicated human mastering engineers using the top analog and digital equipment.

1. Leave us a message requesting a free mastering sample and your preferences
2. We master your entire song using our analog and digital gear (for clients who prefer analog mastering only, please send us a note)
3. You will receive an email from us with a download link to one minute sample of your mastered song
6. Please listen to the Master on multiple playback systems
7. Contact us to purchase your full mastered song


How to prepare and send us your song for mastering

• Ensure that the mixdown is not clipping, and avoid using normalization or compressor and limiter on the master bus (master fader)
• Leave some headroom in your mixes for mastering and keep the maximum level between -3db to -6db
• Wherever possible, make your mix quieter, not louder
• Listen to your mix in mono, and see if you can hear all the instruments at the mixdown
• Bounce at the same sample rate that you used for the recording session. For example, if your session is at 44.1 then bounce the track at 44.1
• It is better to produce a good 44.1 kHz 24-bit master, rather than a poor 96 kHz master
• Leave space in the beginning and at the end of your song
• Please listen to your song from start to finish before you send it to us


Free Mastering Sample

Online Mastering Free Sample

We offer free mastering samples online to new clients with no obligation before they commit to hire us. All you have to do is just upload your song, we will master it and send you a one-minute free sample.

We welcome clients in the Washington DC metro area to attend the mastering session. Alternatively, send us your tracks using our secured dropbox.


Please note that if you don’t show us your interest of getting your full mastered track within a week after you received your free mastering sample, your files will be deleted from our server.

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