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We provide dance music mastering services online to producers and DJ’s who want to have their tracks play in top dance clubs and are looking for EDM mastering engineer that can make their tracks clean, punchy, warm, full and shine on the clubs sound system. Below are before and after mastering samples of some clients tracks that we have previously mastered.

The unmastered samples are on the top, the mastered samples are on the bottom.
Please allow five second for the audio to start after you click on play.

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(Scotland) Blind Digital
UK-based EDM producers Blind Digital had been on the lookout for a great EDM mastering engineer to master their first commercial release and, after many listening tests, decided on Razik Mastering. We were blown away by the quick turnaround, enthusiasm and exceptional value. We have used Razik Mastering consistently for all of our subsequent releases because of the excellent quality of sound that the processing adds, giving punch to the drums, body to the synths, and sparkle to the top end. We would thoroughly recommend Razik Mastering to anyone else looking for a great sound to polish their music and give it that expensive sound, without the expensive price.
(Indianapolis – USA) Sky Vault
When I received the sample of one of my songs from Razik Mastering, I was absolutely thrilled with the result! I compared their work to four other studios and the sample from Razik Mastering was clearly the best. I noticed right away that they were able to get the kick to punch through the mix without overpowering, there was a lot of clarity on the mid/high end, and the overall balance of the track was so much better! they were able to get the parts that needed to “hit hard” to do just that!  We’ve now finished a seven song album together and it sounds fantastic!
(Virginia, USA) Khisraw Nainawaz
I highly recommend Razik for his mastering service. He will provide you with a 5 star master. He recently helped us master a very important song prior to its release with a major media company. We noticed as soon as he took the tracks through his mastering workflow that he is great at what he does. His level of patience in working with us during our first project was icing on the cake.
~Thank you Razik Mastering
(Australia) Paul Garry
I was really struggling with a track (just couldn’t get a full-sounding track without its piercing ears on phone speakers). Razik did a beautiful job, it’s full, loud and doesn’t pierce ears on any speakers I have tried it with. The more I listen to it the more I appreciate the job he did, it’s warm and he brought the track to life.
In recent years, we had tried several different mastering services but were never quite happy with the results. Then we found Razik. Easy to work with. Quick turnaround. More than reasonably priced. And, most importantly, great sounding masters! Highly recommended.
(Spain) The Brocke
We have been looking for mastering a couple of weeks, collecting samples, comparing them…but when Razik’s sample arrived our mind blew out. Our music grew up to another level. Full mastering process was smooth, we highly recommend him.
(Woodbridge, NJ US) DJ JovaNne
“….After looking a lot of mastering places on the internet, I found this spot and I was able to upload & send a sample to premaster. The same day I got a replied with an excellent mastered piece. I was like wow!!! The dynamics & the result was very professional and the sound was candy to my ears!! I am so glad that I found this mastering place and Razik was from day one an excellent help with my song!!
I really loved the results and I will definitely send my music again to be mastered here. Two thumbs up!!! On fire!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
(Leicester, United Kingdom) Jouska
We highly recommend Razik for his mastering services. The sound he gets is beautiful. Rich, warm lows, tasteful mids, and sparkly highs but all done with subtlety. He was very accommodating to changes we requested and he was quick with his work but it was not rushed. We are very happy with our masters, he’s given them the analog warmth that we were looking for and they sound fantastic on all systems.
Razik’s communication is top quality, he responds very quickly to messages and kept us informed of what he was doing every step of the way. On top of this, he is a great guy to deal with.
We received a very thorough end product in a quick time, you can rest assured that Razik will do a great job for you.
(Quebec – Canada ) Daniel Mendez
Excelente. Estuve buscando donde hacer el mastering para mi disco por un par de semanas. Encontré varios demo en differentes lugares, pero cuando escuché el demo que Razik mastering hizo para una de mis canciones, supe que con él tenía que trabajar. Su determinacion y su paciencia para hacer todas las revisiones necesarias fueron ejemplares. Tomó todo el tiempo necesario hasta lograr un producto final excelente. Lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que necesite un mastering.
Gracias Razik Mastering.
(New England USA) DaPhatMack KZ
A truly exceptional service that offers no equal by comparisons.
The service Razik Mastering offers does not compromise five stars alone. The sheer scope of talent used to bring a swift yet phenomenal service that is progressively beyond the threshold of a five-star service. When you receive service from Razik Mastering, you better except to feel the love.
(Miami – Florida ) 7BB
Everything that Razik Mastering touched had turned to gold for me. I had the privilege of attending a session in the studio and witnessed the magic happen LIVE. I am super happy with every track that Razik worked on and I recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect engineer to bring the best out of their music. A++++++++
(Maryland – USA ) Briana Geron
I have worked with Razik on several occasions. He is great at what he does and goes above and beyond mastering. He has given me a better understanding of the process, the right sound and how to put it all together on my end lol. I highly recommend his services and will continue to consult and work with him in the future. Just awesome!
(New York – New York ) Dave Rose
Razik Mastering is awesome! I’ve worked with them on the mastering of many of my dance music projects and they are not only talented but easy and patient to work with….you know those artists can be difficult. Everything they’ve done for me has been rich and warm and definitely felt amazing in the club.
(Minnesota, USA) Foxy Nicholas
Upon searching for mastering engineers on Google I was flooded with options. After looking at a few, I choose Razik Mastering and I could not be happier with the results. He really made my tracks shimmer. They hit hard while maintaining dynamics. Not only did Razik bring my music to the next level, but he is also a genuinely nice guy. He responds quickly to any phone calls or messages and truly cares about his work. The prices are very affordable, the masters are of professional quality, and the customer service is awesome.
(Northern Virginia, USA) MyFavoriteArtist (Jonny & Celeste)
We couldn’t be more than satisfied with the quality of work and professionalism we found in Razik Mastering. Initially, we thought we would have to send our music through the internet to a faceless business whom we knew little about. Fortunately, we found Razik Mastering right here in the DC Metropolitan area! Being so close to us, allowed us to attend all of our mastering sessions which gave us the full benefits of their wealth of experience and industry know-how. We can’t put a price on the personalized input we received in our sessions. They really went the extra mile giving each of our tracks the attention they deserved to bring out the best sound possible. We will be working with Razik Mastering on all of our future projects and we highly recommend their work to all of our industry friends. Thanks, Razik! You gave us the sound we were looking for!
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates) Sham Maskari
I just finished mastering my new album with Razik and I am so impressed with the style and warmth he gives to the music. Good looking out brother, I recommend him to anyone who wants that professional industry sound. One Love brother.
(Gold Coast Australia) Scott Fletcher
I just downloaded the full song yesterday and I’ve been checking it on every speaker I could find! You definitely added clarity and punch to my electro-dance track and all this without over-compression. Great job!”I was looking for a cost-effective and professional mastering service, and Razik Mastering has exceeded all expectations. Razik is professional, friendly, responds quickly, and most of all, the mastering work is superb. When I listened to a few of his mastered tracks I wondered if I’d hear some difference on my tracks. Indeed, I did, and I’m not disappointed. I’d highly recommend Razik Mastering to any musician.
(Stuttgart, Germany) Benjamin Mütsch
Ich kam zu Razik über ein Label, bei dem für mich eine EP-Veröffentlichung anstand. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich Mastering im Ausland machen ließ. Anfangs hatten wir etwas verschiedene Vorstellungen vom Finish der Tracks, doch Razik kümmerte sich sehr um mich – wir haben sehr viel kommuniziert – und am Ende hatte ich genau die Master, die ich haben wollte. Sehr überzeugend und empfehlenswert.
(Munich, Germany) Salomone Torluccio
Anfang 2011 hatte ich ein Mastering Studio gesucht. Wie der Zufall so wollte fand ich Razik Mastering in Soundcloud. Nach den ersten Tracks war ich bereits begeistert. Ich mache Techno/Electro Music und sende ihm seit dem meine fertigen Tracks. Innerhalb der Zeit haben sich seine Master stet verbessert. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und hoffe auf eine lange Zusammenarbeit.
(Oakland, California) Kasi RocsWell
Razik Mastering is the only mastering service I need, and it is truly the only one I use. Razik will master your tracks to perfection, working with you on every slight detail until your track has the sound you desire. He has mastered two full-length albums for my record label and I refer him to all that ask me about mastering.
(Sweden) Dennis Westerberg
Razik Mastering is the consummate professional. My acoustic duo needed to make our newly recorded songs stand out among the vast competition out there and decided to hire Razik to master them. He quickly finished the first draft of his work for us to listen to and after we had made a few comments and suggested changes that were specific for our sound, he made the alterations equally quick and uploaded them for us to listen to again. The results were outstanding and we would not hesitate to recommend Razik Mastering to anyone who needs to make their music crisp and clear or loud and punchy, or both.
(Aberdeen, Scotland) Sonya Stewart
I was struggling with one of my electronic music tracks that were not so easy to mix in that we were trying to get the vocals clear because of various reasons it wasn’t working. However, around about that time I sent this to Razik to help make the vocals clearer; present against the backing track, which he did marvelously! He paid attention to every detail, or anything that I pointed out or I wanted to be changed in any way. I would totally recommend him as a mastering engineer a great guy to work with!.
(Adelaide, South Australia) Liam James
If you are hunting around for a mastering engineer STOP RIGHT HERE. Razik Mastering is a streamlined professional online service, which will take your sounds to another level!! I was surprised how easy and fast it was to send my track away and get it back so quickly sounding better than CD or radio quality.
Also being a producer and a DJ I get to test my tracks on some pretty big dance club systems and I must say Razik’s work is of the highest caliber!! Playing to a crowd and mixing into my tracks and out of them to other songs I’ve bought off Beatport or iTunes was like it was just part of my set. No need to over EQ the mixer or adjust low volumes. The punchy dynamics and full spectrum of the EQ will pour through your speakers when you hear your tracks. For a professional sound at an excellent price, I thoroughly recommend Razik Mastering!!!!!.
(London, UK) Jason Plewinski
Razik Mastering is a brilliant and affordable mastering service that provides high-quality professional care to your tracks with great results every time. After listening to some of their great work, I decided to use the services immediately. I found that the whole process from providing the audio track, to receiving it back fully mastered, was very smooth, with few emails being exchanged throughout to update me on the progress.
I also found that Razik would tailor the masters to suit you and the genre of your music, whilst always going above and beyond what a regular mastering service should provide. In many cases where I have had my tracks stem mastered, Razik has given me pre-master advice. Overall I would absolutely recommend Razik Mastering to anyone who is looking for their tracks to stand out; Razik is a very friendly and polite man who will always respond to your requests and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied.
(Texas, USA) DJ Knightro (John Wedgworth)
I had Razik Mastering perform a service for a mashup track I did. The outcome was phenomenal. The sonic clarity was amazing, as they really brought the track to life. It sounded professional, and the service was expedient and courteous. I would definitely recommend Razik Mastering for any dance music mastering projects you might be considering. I wasn’t disappointed……..nor will you be.
(Australia) Benny Aims
Before meeting Razik Mastering my music wasn’t reaching its potential due to a lack of knowledge and equipment. I did get my first mastering demo for my tech house dance music track which showed me how my music would sound like a finished master and I was blown away. I found that the price of mastering was hard to believe for the quality of the finished sound. I wanted to hear a few different mix-downs and masters, so I asked for few different EQ settings so I could pick the one I liked the most and without hesitation, I did get couple more masters that were great. I’ve had both the Mixing and the Mastering done and they have all been great!



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