We offer an affordable online Mastering service
We are passionate about our work and provide the best quality services

Analog Mastering
Analog Mastering  
Analog Mastering

Our high quality analog equipment can add the glue and warmth missing in your song

Music Mastering
Music Mastering  
Music Mastering

Give us the opportunity to make your song “radio quality.”
We guarantee that you will be happy with the end result.


We are offering new clients free online mastering sample of their music with no
obligation before they commit to hire us. We make sure that your music sounds
at its best while preserving dynamic and quality.

We master your music using high quality analog and digital gear to add stereo enhancement, warmth, pressure, density, and volume to all frequencies. Each
project is approached with a high level of care and individual attention. We are passionate about our work and provide the best quality services at competitive

We can help musicians achieve their goals. We work with artists from around the world who are submitting their music to record labels and for online distribution.

We also provide online mastering service to Hip hop and electronic dance music producers who are looking to have their tracks play in top dance clubs.
Musicians choose us when they want experienced engineers, who respect their artistic vision to optimize their work.


The digital revolution has simplified the process of music making. Artists today have
a wealth of resources available at their finger-tips, allowing them to compose, record, mix, and print music seamlessly. Nevertheless, the results always seem to lack that professional touch. Why? The answer is mastering!

Software recording programs today come with built-in mastering plug-ins. However, artists will continue to seek the type of quality offered by high-end audio mastering studios for additional processing, polishing, editing, balancing, and other professional touches. If applied properly, these enhancements make a dramatic difference in the quality, impact, image, and competitiveness of the final release.

Top mastering gear, operated by an engineer with significant experience and the “right set of ears,” is required to bring music to its optimum level.


We welcome clients in the Washington DC metro area to attend the mastering session. Alternatively, send us your tracks using our secured drop box


Online mastering




Single track: $60.00 USD
Two mastering revisions: Free
Instrumental of the same song: Free
Two songs or more: $50.00(ea)
Hourly Attended Mastering: $100.00
DDP file (CD manufacturing): $75.00

Stem mastering

Stem Mastering: $100.00(ea)


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